CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great Italian sports car. It’s time to look at one of the market’s most stylish and sophisticated Italian cars. The CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar is a great option that won’t break the bank. This car might be just the right one for you. We will reveal why this supercar stands out from the competition and what makes it unique.

Number CADA Master C61042W 488 bricks Super Car, 3187/pcs Technic RC Car 1/8 model sports car kit, MOC bricks for adults and teenagers, compatible with LEGO technology.
Licensed by Bruno Jenson, Cada master C61042w is one of the most successful pieces of the master series.488 sports car is a mid-engine sports car from an Italian manufacturer. It was first shown to the public at the 85th Geneva Motor Show in early March 2015. It is the successor to the 458, the second turbo sports car since the F40 was discontinued in 1992.


If you are looking for an exceptional toy car, look no further than CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar. This toy model is a part of the My Own Creation (MOC) series of CADA. Bruno Jenson from Germany designs it. He is famous in the building bricks community. This stunning supercar is designed for those who want the best of both worlds. It is the luxury of owning a supercar and performing without breaking the bank. The CAD C61042w has a sleek design that looks like a genuine sports car. This toy supercar is perfect for those seeking a realistic experience. It comes with entirely different great features. It is also a remote-controlled toy car that comes with full-function control.

Here is the information for CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar.

Launched date 2020
Item numberC60142w
SeriesMaster – My Own Creation (MOC)

Product Review

CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar full view model

Welcome to the world of remote-controlled supercars. The CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar is a perfect addition to your collections. An ideal choice for any car enthusiast and brick builder. This allows you to experience the thrill of speed and the satisfaction of building. This high-speed, full-function toy car features an eye-catching design. It will surely turn heads and make a statement. Plus, you will also learn how the components fit together and how they interact.

Below are the specifications of the CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar.

SupercarCADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar
Weight2.94 kg. / 6.48 lbs
Length52 cm. / 20.47”
Width25 cm. / 9.84”
Height13 cm. / 5.12”
Box dimension56.7 cm. x 14.6 cm. x 37.3 cm.
Scale 1:8
MaterialABS Plastic
Assembly time40 hours
Age Group14 years old and above
Remote controlledYes

CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar: 8 Top Features

A lot of you are asking what makes this supercar so unique. This supercar has a full range of features. It stands out from other remote-controlled toy cars. It features realistic details and functions that will surely amaze everyone. Here is a quick overview of some of this car’s best features.

1. Exterior Details

CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar features exterior and interior details

The most striking exterior feature of the Red Italian Supercar is its color. The deep red color looks stunning in the sunlight and makes this car stand out from the rest. It is truly a unique and eye-catching supercar. Other than the color, here are some of its noticeable exterior features:

  • Left and right side mirror
  • Four chrome-plated rims
  • Door handles with functional locks
  • Functional LED headlights and tail lights
  • Opening car doors
  • Engine hood and bonnet with manual opening system

Other than that, it also has noticeable black and white stripes. From the car’s hood, go through the top portion until it reaches the compartment area.

2. Interior Details

The interior of the CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar is just as impressive as the exterior. It is incredibly detailed and includes details you would expect to find in an actual sports car. It is equipped with different functional car parts such as:

  • Detailed cockpit area
  • Movable gearbox lever
  • Movable pedal shifters
  • Rotating steering wheels
  • Left and right shift paddles
  • Double racing seats

3. Stickers

Stickers are included on the set to make the entire toy car well-detailed. These stickers were added to emphasize the interior and exterior features. The supercar contains stickers for:

  • Dashboard of car
  • Cockpit area
  • Door locks sticker
  • Door stickers
  • SPEED indicator sticker

4. Sports Car wheel

The CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar consists of four (4) chrome-plated rims. It is equipped with independent suspension and shock-absorbing springs. This effectively minimizes the tilt and vibration of the car. This supercar is in Rear-wheel Drive (RWD). Options to reverse and to move forward the supercar are done through the remote control.

5. V8-Cylinder Engine

CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar speed engine

The V8-cylinder engine is located at the car’s rear with moving pistons. It has an engine compartment situated on the bonnet and an opening cover. This supercar has four sequential working speeds. Besides, it has a rotating transmission speed indicator. It moves every time you change the speed. Shifting of speed is done remotely by Pro Servo motors. What is great about this is that you can see all the actions even when you are afar.

6. Remote Control Power Supply

The remote control power supply is located at the hood of the supercar. It has an off-and-on button switch before you can manually control the remote control. It takes about 3 hours to charge the CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar completely via micro USB. You can either connect the micro USB to a power supply outlet or a power bank.

7. Electronics

CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar electronics components

The CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar comes with different electronic parts. These electronic parts are responsible for the performance of the toy model. It includes radio control that provides an extra level of interactivity. Users can control different functions for:

  • LED lights
  • Change of speed
  • Driving- change of directions

Here are the components included in the set:

Lipo Battery Box1
L Size Pro Motors 2
Pro Servos Motors 2
LED lights 2
Extension Cables 2
2.4GHz Radio Control1

8. Packaging and Manuals

The design of the box is similar to the supercar’s hood. The main box has six separate mini-boxes that include an instruction manual per box. The instructions manuals are made on glossy paper and are filled with images. This will serve as your guide in building the toy. Extra instructions for the electronic parts and remote control are included. Each of these boxes is numbered for easy identification. It holds bags of different pieces that make your building process easy.

Video Review: CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar

We are going to take a thrilling virtual ride as we explore CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar. We will take a closer look at the CADA C61042w and see if it’s worth the cost. We’ll review the design, performance, and features to help you decide if this is right for you. It goes into detail about the uniqueness of this supercar. So be sure to check the video review below.

CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar Common Questions

This is one of the coolest toys on the market, and you and your kids will love it! The CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar toy is a great way to teach your kids about cars and engineering. It’s also a lot of fun to play with! Many people have questions about them. We have compiled a list of the most common questions we get about the CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar.

At what age is it suitable?

This supercar is ideal for ages 14 years old and up. This toy is designed for advanced building block builders and enthusiasts.

How difficult is it to assemble?

The complexity level in building the CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar is high. It takes about 40 hours to complete the assembly.

Is CADA C61042Q Red Italian Supercar compatible with other building blocks?

Yes. CADA pieces are compatible with other building blocks like Lego®. You can customize your CADA toys to your liking.

Does it require batteries to operate?

Yes. The radio control requires two (2) AA-size batteries. These batteries are not included in the box and need to be purchased separately. You must also ensure that the remote control power supply situated in the car’s hood is full. You can charge it via micro USB.

Is the CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar durable?

Yes. This supercar is made using high-quality materials that are designed to last. The car’s body is made from ABS plastic. It means it can handle rough play without any damage or breakage.

CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar 2020 1:18 scale
Each sports car pack is equipped with 2 L motors, each L motor is equipped with 2 servo motors, 1 remote control and 1 battery box.

Final thought

The CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar toy is a great choice for anyone. Especially those who are looking for an impressive and high-quality toy. It will surely bring hours of fun and entertainment for children and adults alike. The advanced features, realistic design, and unique look make this toy a must-have. The CADA C61042w Red Italian Supercar is sure to impress.