COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship Review

The COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship is one of the most popular models on the market and for a good reason! Get ready to explore history with the iconic German Battleship, Bismarck! Experience a realistic yet fun build of the famous ship and discover some hidden secrets. Read on to learn more about this COBI 4819 set, and we will tell you more about why it can be the perfect addition to your naval collection.

A Glimpse of Bismarck Battleship History

Cobi 4819 Bismarck Battleship similar battleships at sea

Bismarck Battleship was a German warship that was launched in 1939. The ship was named after the first Chancellor of Germany, Otto von Bismarck. The ship was the lead ship of its class and was the largest and most powerful warship ever built at the time of its launch. The ship was armed with eight 38 cm guns, the largest guns ever mounted on a warship. The ship also had a top speed of 30 knots and a range of 8,000 nautical miles.

The Bismarck Battleship was commissioned into the German Navy in 1940 and took part in the Battle of the Atlantic. In May 1941, the ship sunk the British battleship HMS Hood, which was one of the largest and most powerful battleships in the world at the time. The sinking of the Hood caused a public outcry in Britain and led to a massive hunt for the Bismarck.

The British sank the Bismarck in May 1941 with a torpedo from planes launched from carriers, and only 115 of the 2200 crew survived the sinking.

Review of COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship

The COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship is a large-scale model kit that consists of 2,030 parts and comes with detailed instructions for assembly. The construction process is easy to follow, as the instructions are written in a step-by-step format This battleship is a replica of the famous Bismarck German battleship, which was one of Germany’s most powerful battleships during World War II. This was released in 2020.

This set will satisfy any history buff looking for an impressive model of one of history’s most iconic ships. Whether you’re just starting in the hobby or are an experienced collector. The COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship set will make a great addition to your collection.

COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship Features

The attention to detail on this model is incredible. No detail has been overlooked in making this model accurately represent the original Bismarck battleship. Even small details like flags have been included to make it look more like the real thing. Every aspect of the ship has been accurately reproduced to make it as realistic as possible. Here are some of its great features.

Item Number 4819
Scale 1:300
Product dimension84.33 x 11.94 x 21.34 cm
Assembly time10 hours

What sets this replica apart from other models is the attention to detail that has been put into it. It accurately captures all the features of the original ship, from its intricate detailing to its impressive size. From the moment you take it out of the box, it’s clear that this model is something special.

Here are some of the unique elements it and a comparison with the actual model:

ShipBismarck – Class Battleship
Actual Ship
COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship
Launched Date19392020
Weight41,700 tons2.89 kilograms
Length251 meters (823 ft 6 in) overall84.5 cm
Broad36 meters (118 ft 1 in)11.9 cm
Draft/ Height9.3 meters (30 ft 6 in)21.34 cm
MaterialArmored belt steelPlastic
Crew / mini figures2,220none

Compared to the actual Bismarck Battleship, the COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship also has the following set of moveable armor and detailed elements identical to the actual ship:


The Bismarck Battleship was equipped with four 38 cm turrets, and COBI 4819 Bismarck has four twin turrets. Two are located at the front of the ship, and the remaining two are at the ship’s rear, which can all be rotated. Turrets were also named for easy identification during the war. The two located forward were Anton and Bruno, while Casar and Dora were at the rear.

In addition to the 38 cm turrets, there were also 12 (15 cm) twin turrets in Bismarck Battleship that served as a secondary battery, all of which are present in the COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship model.

Anti-aircraft guns

The ship is also equipped with multiple anti-aircraft guns that are all movable. The actual Bismarck Battleship has a total of 44 anti-aircraft guns located on the ship’s deck. These anti-aircraft guns are composed of different molded parts. Also, anti-aircraft guns can be raised and lowered.

Rudders and Propellers

Rudders and propellers are placed underneath the battleship. It has a total of 2 propellers and a pair of rudders, all of which need to assemble as well. The rudders can be moved in a sideway flapping direction, just like a real rudder works in an actual ship. The propellers, on the other hand, can be rotated as well.

Micro Aircraft and Catapult

The Cobi 4819 Bismarck Battleship also consists of one green micro aircraft. The aircraft has a moveable propeller on its front. Once the aircraft is assembled, it has its catapult that can be found in the middle of the battleship. The catapult is also located in between of several boats carried by the Bismarck Battleship.

Anchor and chains

Chains are now improved and are darker compared to older versions released. Some may find it tedious to assemble the chain to the anchor since it needs to connect the small pieces of chains one by one. Once assembled, these are placed on the ship’s forward, which has the option to tie or leave it hanging.

The set also has a black display stand with the ship’s name printed on a plate. This is ideal as a great display piece once the assembly is complete.

Building Instructions: COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship

I know you are excited to work on your COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship. But before that, it is ideal to read the information on the box, including the safety guidelines. Due to the large number of pieces it contains, the set is divided into (9) nine construction stages and an overall 370 construction steps. Once everything is checked, then you are now ready to go!

How to build instructions:

  • Carefully cut open the box using a knife and look for the instruction booklet inside the box, as this will be your guide in building the toy.
  • On a flat surface, pour all the contents out of the box and open the pouch with the number 1 tag. (Open the succeeding pouches later, as instructed.)
  • It is ideal to use a large container like a bowl or plastic container to place all the contents in one pouch.
  • Always follow the instructions provided as your guide in building the Bismarck Battleship, as this will make your process easier. The grayed-out steps indicate that you’ve already gone through that stage.

Video Review from Cobi SA

If you are looking for an in-depth look at the COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship, you can check out this great video review below. The video review below covers the key features of the COBI 4819 Bismarck and the new elements and upgrades added to it. It also tackles what makes it different from its older version.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is no doubt that COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship is a great masterpiece that you would not want to miss adding to your growing collections. Might you have additional questions in mind about the toy? You do not need to worry. We have here listed some of the answers to common questions for you.

At what age does COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship suitable?

This toy is recommended for ages ten years and above. This toy is ideal for advanced collectors and experienced brick enthusiasts.

How much does COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship costs?

Price starts at $300/ 282€ and would depend on the store from where you will purchase.

Where can I purchase COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship?

You can purchase it directly from the official COBI website and different online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces.

Does it require gluing to assemble COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship?

No. Glue is not required to assemble the toy.

Are batteries required to operate this toy?

No. Batteries are not needed.

What should I do if missing pieces are not included in COBI 4819 Bismark Battleship box?

Since this toy contains thousands of pieces, it is best to double-check first the packaging or the area where you’ve opened the box. Instances are the missing piece may have fallen on the floor or may have been misplaced. If everything has already been exhausted, you may file a complaint through the website of COBI, and one of their representatives will get back to you.

COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship Toys, Grau, Schwarz, Rot, Large
Large model replica 1:300 scale: 84.5 cm (33.2u0022) x 12 cm (4.7u0022) x 21.5 cm (8.4u0022)

In Conclusion

Overall, if you’re looking for a model battleship kit that offers realistic features, then the COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship is a perfect choice. Not only does it offer impressive detail and accuracy, but it’s also easy to assemble and won’t break the bank. Plus, the included step-by-step instruction booklet makes construction a breeze. For any modeler looking to recreate the infamous battleship, the COBI 4819 Bismarck Battleship is an exciting, must-have addition to any collection.