Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer

Have you ever wanted to own your own Star Destroyer? Now is your chance! The Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer is a perfect addition to any Star Wars collection. It is one of the most popular Star Wars toys on the market. It is an every Star Wars fan must-have. This model is incredibly detailed, precise, and robust. But is it really worth your money? We explain why you should have it in your collection!

The story of Star Destroyer

Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer full view image

The Imperial Star Destroyer is a legendary and iconic symbol of power. It appears in Star Wars movies as an imposing presence. It represents the military might of the Empire. It is a massive warship from the Star Wars universe. Its imposing size and advanced weaponry make it one of the most feared vessels in the galaxy. The ship’s exterior is sleek and menacing. It features numerous weapons ports, a large bridge tower, and several engines. On the inside, it features a complex network of corridors and rooms. This house the ship’s crew and passengers.

The Imperial Star Destroyer is heavily armed with the following:

  • Turbo lasers
  • Ion cannons
  • Concussion missiles

The Star Destroyer is the backbone of the Imperial fleet. It’s sure to strike fear into the hearts of any who oppose it. It is one of the most recognizable starships in science fiction. It has been featured in countless books, video games, and other media as well.

Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer Description

Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer information, including the dimension of the battleship

Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer is one of the most popular Mould King sets on the market. It’s a great set for people looking for a challenging build. It is also a great set for people looking for a detailed replica of a Star Destroyer. The set includes over 11,885 pieces. It is one of the most complex sets that Mould King offers. The finished product is an impressive 118 centimeters (46.5 inches) long. It also measures 72 centimeters wide (28.3 inches ) wide, and 38 centimeters (15 inches) high. It weighs almost 25 lbs. or 11.3 kilograms. It has plenty of features that make it a great display piece. Here are the details its details:

ManufacturerMould King
Item Number 13135
ThemeStar Wars
Launched year2021
Product dimension 118 cm. x 72 cm. x 38 cm.
Age Group 8 years old and above

Features of the Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer

Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer exterior details

Exterior Details

The exterior design of the Star Destroyer is similar to a dagger. It has sharp edges that convey strength and power. The star destroyer is a sleek, all-grey craft with gold and blue pieces. The blue and gold pieces add an extra level of detail to the ship. It gives a more premium look than other toy sets. The detailing on the exterior is simply breathtaking. It truly replicates the iconic battleship.

Alliance Fleet

Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer accessories including three rebel ships

The Rebel ships or the Alliance Fleet have always been popular among Star Wars fans. These are small fighter vehicles that go along the massive Star Destroyer. The addition of accessories in this set makes it even more appealing. The set includes three (3) rebel ships, which are:

  • Corellian Corvette
  • Nebulon- B Frigate
  • Hammerhead Corvette

These rebel ships are smaller in size, with each having its own stand. The details of these rebel ships are impressive as well. Many will appreciate how much thought has gone into designing these rebel ships. An ideal choice for any Star Wars fan looking to recreate their favorite scenes from films.


The Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer is one of the most advanced and well-armed ships in Star Wars. It is equipped with powerful weapons that can destroy entire fleets of enemy ships. The Star Destroyer is also armed with a variety of other weapons. The most noticeable are the four (4) large double turrets located on each side of the ship. It also has single turrets located all over the ship.

How to build the Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer

This set is sure to impress with its huge scale and intricate design. It is a challenging build that will take some time, but the result is a stunning model. It is certain to be a centerpiece in any building block collection. The set includes two colored instruction books. These are helpful in following the build process. There are also a few extra pieces included in case any are lost during the build.

Numbered Bags

The pieces are grouped based on the sequence of construction. Bricks are placed into separate numbered bags according to assembly order. There are 22 bags, making it straightforward and easy to construct. This eliminates the hassle of searching through a pile of bricks just to find one piece! You can follow the numbered bags, saving you even more time.

Multi-Function Hammer

The set has a multi-function hammer tool that allows connecting pieces. It makes assembly quick and easy. It can also remove pieces. This tool also has tweezer-like functions. This tool is made of plastic and is safe to use.

Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer Video Review

The Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer is an excellent option for those up for the challenge. It is also a rewarding building experience. It is also an excellent choice for anyone who wants a unique and impressive toy to display or play with. If you are a Star Wars fan, this set is worth checking out. Watch the video review below for more information.

Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer: Most Common Questions

Are you excited to star building this toy set but still have questions in mind? No worries! We are here with you. There are many questions that people ask about this toy set. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer.

How much is the Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer?

The price of Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer starts at $398 / 366€.

Does the set come with a Minifigure?

No. However, Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer is highly compatible with Lego®. You can use different Minifigures from Lego® to play around.

Where can I purchase the Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer?

You can easily purchase it from popular marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. These sites offer competitive prices and fast shipping. You can get your hands on the Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer in no time.

Is the Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer easy to build?

No. It’s not easy to build. This toy set is a challenging set, and it will take some time and patience to complete. But it’s worth it.


The Mould King 13135 Star Destroyer is an amazing model for any Star Wars fan. The level of detail, accuracy, and sturdiness of this model make it stand out among other Star Wars models. It is a great way to bring the world of Star Wars into your home in a very tangible way. If you are a die-hard fan, then you owe it to yourself to pick up this incredible model set. Build your own Star Destroyer now!