Mould King 19002 Technic Truck

Are you looking for an exciting and durable toy truck? Look no further than the Mould King 19002 Technic Truck! It’s the perfect gift for any technic enthusiast. Combining excellent durability with high-tech functions. It is made with high-quality materials, and it is very durable. This is ideal for those looking for top-of-the-line building toys in the market. We tell you why this truck will surely be instant to anyone.

Description of Mould King 19002 Technic Truck

Mould King 19002 Technic Truck Side view shot of the toy

The Mould King 19002 Technic Truck is an excellent toy for those who love trucks and cars. It’s a construction crane truck that comes with plenty of different pieces. The truck is also equipped with various engines. That offers a variety of functionality. The truck is made from high-quality materials, and it’s very durable. It also has pneumatic features. This allows them to experience a realism that other toys simply can’t provide. It feels like they are driving an actual truck with its realistic sound and light effects. The best part, this is perfect for tech-savvy individuals. This toy truck can be controlled via a smartphone app.

Here are its details:

ManufacturerMould King
Item number 19002
CategoryConstruction Vehicle
Scale 1:8
Year released 2021
Figures none
Product dimension 87 cm. x 28 cm. x 48 cm.
Engine 11
Remote control Yes

Mould King 19002 Technic Truck Features

Mould King 19002 Technic Truck is a crane truck with both manual and pneumatic functions. It’s an excellent toy for kids interested in construction or engineering. It helps them learn about how cranes work. It’s a well-built toy that will stand up to rough play, and it’s sure to be a hit with any child who loves trucks. The wide range of movement allows for various activities like construction. It also includes lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Mould King 19002 Technic Truck Functions manual functions for cabin


Like an actual truck, you can tilt the cabin of this truck too. You have an option to manually or remotely tilt the cabin. To manually tilt, press the switch again at the back of the cabin. Press the same switch to revert it to its original position. If you do it remotely, you will only tap your smartphone or press the assigned button on your remote control.

Here are also some of the manual functions of the truck’s cabin:

  • Adjustable height of the seats
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Door handles with lock functions
  • Opening of cabin doors
  • Opening of roof
  • Opening of hood

In addition, the black radiator grill in front of the cabin can be lifted to open. It also has a rod-like piece that can be pulled horizontally to keep the hood open. This makes it easy to check what’s beneath the radiator grill. Giving you the experience of fixing a real truck.


This toy set comes with four outriggers. These are set of extra support arms that allow the truck to balance. They work by extending from the side of the truck whenever needed and retracting when not in use. Two are located at the front, and the other two are at the rear part of the crane truck. These outriggers can be extended either manually or remotely.


The flatbed of the truck is used to carry any items. It is also called the loading area of the truck. One great feature of it is that the sides are foldable. You also have the option to keep the sides closed. Just put the pin in every corner of the flatbed to ensure that the sides will not fall apart. The following are its dimension.

Length37.5 cm.
Width 25 cm.
Height7.5 cm

Pneumatic Functions

Mould King 19002 Technic Truck Pneumatic Accessories for trucks movement

The Mould King 19002 Technic Truck toy is an excellent high-quality pneumatic truck. This truck features pneumatic cylinders. It comes with 22 pieces of pneumatic accessories. These are used to operate the truck’s primary functions. It uses air pressure to make the truck and its parts move. The Mould King 19002 Technic Truck also features a working suspension system.


The crane of the Mould King 19002 Technic Truck is particularly impressive. The base of the crane can be rotated up to 180 degrees. It has an arm that can be erected and is expandable. It also allows easy pick-up of objects and transports them from one area to another. It comes with a hook that is attached to the end of the wire rope. The following parts of the crane can be remotely or manually controlled:

  • Arm crane or boom
  • Hook
  • Wire rope

In addition, the wire rope can be lowered and raised. Having the same function as a real truck.

Driving Functions

This innovative toy truck allows you to take control of the driving experience. It features a powerful remote-controlled motor and steering system. This allows you to operate the truck in forward-wheel drive. This truck has 12 wheels. It can drive around obstacles and create new routes, making it more dynamic.


This electronic component is perfect for any budding engineer or mechanic. It will keep you entertained with its realistic sounds and movements. The electronic components include detailed engine sounds and a motorized gearbox. Here are the details of what’s included:

Mould King 19002 Technic Truck Pneumatic electronics components included
XL Motor4
L Motor2
M Motor3
Servo Motor2
2.4 G Lithium battery box2
Remote control1

This Mould King 19002 Technic Truck is a great toy for anyone who loves remote control cars. You can use the remote control to drive it around, or you can use the Bluetooth mobile phone app to control it. Either way, you’ll have a lot of fun with this toy.

Building guide of Mould King 19002 Technic Truck

Constructing the Mould King 19002 Technic Truck is an exciting and rewarding experience. It includes two detailed instruction booklets. This help guides you through the assembly process. The clear diagrams illustrate how each part should fit together. You can make sure your truck looks just like the one on the box!

It has various components to ensure you have enough blocks and pieces to build. An impressive range of truck components includes:

  • axles
  • gears
  • plates
  • screws
  • pins
  • pneumatic cylinders

The diagrams clearly explain each component and how they fit into the truck’s design. Even novice builders can easily follow along and understand the process. This allows them to gain confidence in constructing complex structures.

Mould King 19002 Technic Truck: Video Review

To give you a better idea of what this toy has to offer, here’s an included video review below. This review goes through everything from assembly to testing it out. Watch the video now to see why Mould King 19002 Technic Truck is perfect for any budding engineer.

Mould King 19002 Technic Truck: Most Common Questions

This remarkable truck is full of features. It is perfect for any aspiring crane truck operator. You may have questions in mind. We are here to answer! Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Is this suitable for younger children?

The Mould King 19002 Technic Truck is ideal for ages 14 years and above.

What materials is the Mould King 19002 Technic Truck made of?

The toy truck is made of high-quality ABS plastic. This is both a safe and durable plastic material.

What do you need to build the Mould King 19002 Technic Truck?

All you need to build the truck is included in the box. There’s no need to purchase any additional pieces or parts.

How much does this toy cost?

The Mould King 19002 Technic Truck toy’s price starts at $300 / 276€.

Final note

The Mould King 19002 Technic Truck is an ideal choice to build new and exciting. It offers an exciting and unique building experience. its high-quality pieces and easy-to-follow instructions can easily create a one-of-a-kind truck. The truck is well-designed and easy to assemble, and it’s a great way to get started with this type of toy. So, what are you waiting for? Get your very own Mould King 19002 Technic Truck today and start building!