Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School

Do you want to bring the magic of Hogwarts to life? With the Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School, you can turn your living room into a wizarding world! Become the ultimate Harry Potter fan. Uncover the secrets of Hogwarts. Explore a world of magical possibilities with this exciting new building set. This incredible set has everything you need. Recreate the iconic school and all its features. We review this set and show why it is perfect for any Potterheads.

Getting to know the Hogwarts

The Harry Potter series is one of the most popular and beloved in all film history. A large part of that is due to the amazing sets used throughout the movies. One of the most iconic and important sets is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hogwarts Castle is a fictional place and the main set for the Harry Potter film. Even it is an imaginary castle, the Hogwarts Castle description makes it seem like it could be real.

The castle has the following:

  • Towers
  • Turrets
  • Secret passages
  • Hidden rooms
  • Moving stairs
  • Magical forest

From its landmark location to its many mysteries, Hogwarts is a place unlike any other. It is a remarkable feat of magic and architecture.

Description of Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School

Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School side view facing the lake

Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School is an impressive and immersive set. It allows you to recreate the iconic school from the Harry Potter films. This set has been praised for its level of detail, which is truly remarkable. Every part of the school has been carefully crafted. The brick-built elements are awe-inspiring, with some incredibly intricate details. Even minor features like window frames and doors give this set a unique charm.

Best Features

Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School features a persuasive tonality. The set includes various accessories designed to encourage kids to use their imaginations. The colors, shapes, and textures create an inviting and whimsical atmosphere. It also promotes imaginative play. The model has been designed with cleverly engineered parts. It allows easy assembly and long-lasting durability.

Here are the specifications of the Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School.

ManufacturerMould King
Item Number 22004
Parts 6862
Product Dimension59 cm. x 53 cm. x 36 cm.
Box Dimension 54 cm. x 60 cm. x 34 cm.
Weight 10 kg. / 22 lbs.
MaterialABS Plastic

Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School Hogwarts features close up look

The Mould King 22004 Harry’s Wizard School set will transport you to the world of Hogwarts. The set comes with various pieces that can be used to build different parts. The noticeable areas are as follows:

Castle exterior

The castle exterior is one of the most remarkable features of the set. It looks like a real miniature version of the iconic castle from the Harry Potter movies! The castle comprises several pieces. These pieces fit together to give it an impressive overall look. The set comes with a large tower and several smaller towers. The exterior of the castle is beautifully designed. It features all the iconic landmarks from the Harry Potter films. It includes:

  • Great Hall
  • Clock Tower
  • Wooden Bridge
  • Hagrid’s Hut

Quidditch Pitch

This highly detailed replica of the wizarding game’s field is sure to impress any fan of the series. This set captures all the intricate details of the pitch. It includes vibrant color stands for spectators. The colors are based on the four Hogwarts houses. Lastly, it has two sets of goalposts.

Professor Sprout’s Greenhouses

This playset is sure to inspire future horologists. This remarkable set includes eight greenhouses. Similar to the one used by Professor Sprout to grow magical plants. The realistic details of Professor Sprout’s greenhouses make them a great addition. It has eight greenhouses located near the Great Lake area.

Forbidden Forest

It is one of the most dangerous and mysterious places in the wizarding world. It’s also one of the most fascinating, which is why the Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School is such a great set. It has many tree-like pieces that allow you to recreate an authentic-looking forest.

The Great Lake and Cliff

The replica of the great lake and cliff at Hogwarts is amazingly detailed. You can have hours of fun recreating scenes from the movies or just exploring the world of Harry Potter. The set features an expansive lake complete with a towering cliff face. The cliff face is also detailed and realistic. The edges are jagged and uneven, resembling those seen in the movies.

How to build Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School

Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School toy facing  forest view

Building the Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School is actually pretty straightforward. The instructions that come with the set are easy to follow. It is always best to take time to review the instruction manual. Also, make sure that you have everything you need before starting. Now, let’s begin!

Here’s how to build the Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School set:

  1. Unpack your Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School kit and lay out all the pieces.
  2. Study the instructions carefully so that you understand how the pieces fit together.
  3. Begin by constructing the base using the large black plates.
  4. Follow the instructions stated in the manual.
  5. Pay close attention to the details as you build.
  6. Take your time and enjoy the process

Building Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School is a fun and rewarding experience. Patience and attention to detail are important to complete the set. When done, you’ll have a beautiful replica of Hogwarts that you can proudly display.

Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School Video Review

Are you still thinking of buying Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School? This video review should help. You will get an up-close look at all the features and how they work. There are also tips on how to get the most out of them. After watching, you’ll know for sure if this is the right choice for you. So go ahead and hit play.


Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School is a great set for any Harry Potter fan. It is an excellent way to get creative and explore the world of magic with your family and friends. This set also allows you to create an entire wizarding world. The set’s detail and design will help kids feel fully immersed in the magical world of Harry Potter. With its affordable price tag, this set is an easy choice for anyone looking to bring magic into their home. So do not wait any longer. Gather up some fun and get your hands on Mould King 22004 Harrys Wizard School today!