Playmobil Theodor Fontane: All you need to know

If you’re looking for a new and exciting toy for your child, look no further than Playmobil Theodor Fontane! You may not have heard of Theodor Fontane, but he’s one of the most important German authors of the 19th century. His work is still relevant today, and this Playmobil set is the perfect way to introduce him to your children. This Playmobil set will provide hours of fun and learning for your child. Let’s learn about Theodore Fontane and discover the fascinating world of Playmobil Theodore Fontane!

Playmobil Theodor Fontane: Novelist and Poet

Unlike other famous poets that started their careers at an early age, Theodor Fontane started his at the age of 58. Born in 1819 in Neuruppin, Brandenburg. Before being a novelist, Theodore Fontane works as a pharmacist at the age of 16.

He is famous for his realistic novels, usually set in Berlin, Germany. Several of his works have been translated into English, including:

  • Ein Sommer in London ( A Summer in London)
  • Balladen ( Ballads)

Theodor Fontane died at the age of 78 in Berlin. Despite his health problems, His passion for literature never stops him from doing so until the last hours before his death. In honor of his great works and contribution to German literature, a marble statue was installed in Großer Tiergarten in Berlin.

Discover Playmobil Theodor Fontane 9326 Limited Edition

One of the most popular ranges of Playmobil toys is the Special Edition range which features unique and collectible sets. Playmobil Theodor Fontane 9326 Limited Edition is one of the special edition figures created and released in 2018 to commemorate the 200th birth anniversary of the famous German novelist Theodor Fontane. This special figure set is among the Playmobil Victorian theme. Because this is a limited edition figure, this has become a sought-after Playmobil figure.

The Playmobil Theodor Fontane 9326 figure comes in a blue box and includes the following:

  • Playmobile Theodor Fontane figure
  • Hat
  • Cane
  • Book

Since the Playmobil Theodor Fontane figure is part of the Victorian Theme set, be sure to check Playmobil Houses, perfect to team up for hours of fun and learning.

Playmobil Theodor Fontane Limited Edition Logo

Notable Playmobil Figures

Playmobil produces some of the most popular toys in the world but did you know that Playmobil also produced figures of other notable people? These figures are not only a fun way to learn about different people, but they also make great collectors’ items.

Here we’ll show you other notable figures Playmobile created.

Playmobil 70679 Napoleon

Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military commander whos famous for his military strategies and is considered a military genius. Today, his strategies are being taught in military schools worldwide. The Playmobil 70679 Napoleon was recently released in 2021. The figure was inspired by the Battle of Austerlitz painting.

Playmobil 70649 Napoleon includes the following accessories:

Playmobil 70679 Kaiser Napoleon 1
  • Die tapferen Polizisten von PLAYMOBIL beobachten die Stadt von der Luft wie auf dem Boden. Ein Verbrecher ist auf der Flucht mit seinen Schmuggelgütern und der Dieb versucht, ins Schlauchboot zu entkommen, aber der intelligente Pilot überwacht ihn ständig vom Cockpit des Wasserflugzeugs und lässt ihn nicht entkommen. Sie legt das Flugzeug gekonnt auf den See und hinterlässt keine Ausgänge. Jetzt ist der Flüchtling mit Handschellen und los geht’s. Das Spielset enthält zwei PLAYMOBIL Figuren, ein Wasserflugzeug, ein Boot, das auf dem Wasser schwimmt, einen Helm und eine Pilotenmütze sowie Handschellen und viele weitere Extras für spannende Polizeiabenteuer. Das Flugzeug kann auch auf dem Wasser schwimmen und die Propeller drehen sich
  • Hada Labo Hadalabo Gokujun Hyaluronlotion, feucht nachfüllbar, 4 lb
  • Feuchtigkeitscreme

Playmobil 70135 Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach is known for his Brandenburg Concertos and is considered the father of Western classical music. Playmobil released a special figure in 2019 in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach, which includes the following accessories:

  • Playmobil Johann Sebastian Bach figure
  • Violin
  • Violin Bow
  • Stand
  • Music Book
  • Quill
  • Inkwell
PLAYMOBIL 70135 – Komponist Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Eine Playmobil limitierte Exklusiv-Edition, in Erinnerung an den berühmten deutschen Komponist Johann Sebastian Bach.

Playmobil 70374 Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most famous classical gifted composers who started at the age of 5. Mozart was considered a musical genius with over 800 works of different musical instrument concertos.

A very precise Playmobil 70374 Mozart figure was released in 2019, which includes the following accessories:

  • Playmobil figure Mozart
  • Violin
  • Violin bow
PLAYMOBIL 70374 Mozart
  • Nun gibt es den beliebten Komponisten auch als PLAYMOBIL-Figur in limitierte Sonderedition!
  • Mit weißer Perücke, rotem Originalgewand, Geige und Bogen ist der Mini-Mozart bereit Kinderherzen zu erobern.
  • Von der Perücke bis zur Schuhschnalle wurde jedes Detail in Zusammenarbeit mit Wissenschaftlern des Mozarteums an Hand eines Originalgemäldes von Mozarts präzise ausgearbeitet.

Playmobil 9124 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Famous for his great contribution to German language poetry during the 18th century. He is known for his classical Novels and short stories, including:

  • Faust I and II (1808 and 1832)
  • Novella (1797)

In 2016, Playmobil 9124 Johan Wolfang von Goethe figure was released in honor of him. The set includes the following:

  • Playmobil Johann Wolfgang von Goethe figure
  • Quill
  • Hat
  • Book

Frequently Asked Questions: Playmobil Theodor Fontane

Playmobil Theodor Fontane FAQ with playmobil minifigure

From What age is the Playmobil Theodor Fontane suitable to play with?

Playmobil Theodor Fontane figure is suitable for ages 4 and up.

Where can I purchase Playmobol Theodore Fontane?

Since this is a limited edition figure, you can purchase from various sellers online, like eBay and Amazon.

How much is the cost of Playmobil Theodor Fontane?

The cost depends on the seller since this is a 2018 limited edition figure. The price usually starts at $21(19€).

How many special edition Playmobil are available?

Playmobil has already released countless special edition toys. Here are some of it and the year it was released:

  • Playmobil 70827 Volkswagen Yellow Beetle Special Edition (2021)
  • Playmobil 70171 Ghostbusters Collector’s Edition (2019)


Now you get to know Theodore Fontane, you’ll definitely want to add the special edition of Playmobil Theodor Fontane figure to your collection. He’s a great addition to any collection, and he’s sure to be a hit with fans of German literature. Furthermore there are many other interesting historical Playmobil figures like Mozart or Goethe.

Don’t forget to check Playmobil deals for a wider selection of toys that will surely capture your kid’s heart too.